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The following portfolio is an example of some of the e-learning projects we have undertaken in the last year. Please feel free to contact e-learning WMB for further details about the e-Start e-learning portfolio and other projects.

  • Home Office - Security Induction e-Learning src=
  • Home Office induction was introduced to 90% of the target population in 3 weeks
  • An e-start induction e-learning UK National Government client
Home Office - Security Induction

The following course was carried out for the Information and Passport Service to carry out a security induction covering Data Protection Act, General Security and IT Security. The courses were integrated into the client's existing SCORM Learning Management System.

  • Riverside Housing Induction e-start src=
  • Riverside Housing is an example of e-start's induction e-Learning system
  • Riverside Housing Induction e-Learning
Riverside Housing Induction

The Housing Associations existing induction procedures were moved on-line into a 3 hour induction course for all new staff members. Additional Health and Safety and Security courses were also implemented.

  • Places for People - Induction e-Learning
  • Places for People - Induction e-Learning
  • Places for People - Induction e-Learning
Places for People - Induction

Places for People - is the UK's largest Housing Association. The client required an induction and supporting e-learning courses. The project was delivered in 2 months and involved coordination with many departments. Subsequent training has lead the client to start producing their own great looking e-learning.

  • Technip e-Learning induction
  • Technip e-Learning induction
  • Technip e-Learning onboarding or induction

Technip needed a rapid but highly polished induction covering a host of HR issues. The e-Start course matched the company's branding and high expectations. The two courses delivered covered 1.5 hours learning and was delivered in 4 weeks.


An overview of the work we are producing and the services we offer can be see from the presentation below. We really recommend you give it a go - it will be like no e-learning you have seen before.

  • e-learning bespoke development by e-Learning WMB
  • David Schneider's e-learning writing team produce bespoke e-learning and off the shelf courses

Then feel free to contact us for further information, an on-site demonstration or any other aspects of our development approach.
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