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Bespoke e-Learning Induction

At e-learning WMB we like to think we make bespoke e-learning differently. There are 3 elements to this approach:

3D bespoke e-learning with green screen filming from e-learning WMB

Quality: We construct e-learning that is closer to video documentaries than the Power Point style e-learning of old. We do not want to constrain your ideas to the limitations of existing e-learning development systems, to this end we have constructed our own e-Learning software: Jackdaw - which we freely share with our clients.

e-learning WMB will better existing suppliers with better bespoke e-learning

Cost: Amazingly quality does not come as a price. The green screen and animation techniques we use are actually quicker and less expensive to produce than using the illustration techniques of old.

Bespoke e-learning with 98 percent effectiveness from e-learning WMB

Effectiveness: Our e-learning has a proven track record with some of the largest organisations in the world to produce e-learning that demonstrates a step change in effectiveness over traditional methods.

So if you want better quality e-learning, at a lower cost with a proven track record - 98% effectiveness in independent studies - then please contact us today for a free consultation.

Price Guarantee

e-learning WMB recently committed to our Price Guarantee which promises to match any like for like quote from your existing supplier. If you are not totally happy with your existing supplier then get in touch. We also guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

e-Learning Process

e-learning WMB has put together the following process as the result of years of work within e-learning. It is based on the XLD (Extreme Learning Development process that follows the principles of Prince II project management.)

Project Initiation

If you are starting a project with e-learning WMB, or even just thinking about it, then you will need to receive the project initiation document. This document contains our pricing structure and parameters within which we will work for you.

This document will allow you to get a full understanding of how much you will spend, what your level of contribution will be (this is up to you) and the quality of the final delivered e-learning.

Contact us to receive the Project Initiation Document.

On consultation with the client an appropriate look and feel is developed. This information is compiled into a Branding Document which contains sample screenshots with the client's brand.

This document is usually compiled from information taken from the client's website and any other information (marketing guidelines etc.) supplied by the client.

Click here for an example Branding guidelines report.

Scripts are produced online and shared with all members of the project team. Scripts can be compiled from base information supplied by the client, else (to lower costs) clients can supply scripts themselves. Examples of a script can be seen here.

Asbestos Awareness Script that produces the following course: Asbestos Awareness Course.

Our unique scripting process allows you to see what the finished e-learning will look like before ever commencing a project.

To work on the scripts you will need to sign up Gmail account then send us your email details and we will send you a blank script on which to start work or give us feedback. To make this work seamlessly with your existing email we recommend forwarding emails to your standard work email.

Contact us to start scripting process.

At this stage no charge will be levied towards e-learning development. e-Learning WMB strongly believe in putting the budgeting for projects in the hands of our clients. Taking the script we can give a firm price for the e-learning based on £500 for each e-learning topic (corresponds to a menu item at the bottom of the screen) with a set up fee of £2,500. This price includes everything (from editing software to presenter fees.)

Remember e-learning development is free to members for a maximum of three projects per year and more if general interest projects useful to all our members.

If you have a fixed budget we can work to that else we can quote based on your design.

A complete price-list is available online

Courses will usually take 2-4 weeks to build from receiving the finalized script to final sign-off - you can add on 2 weeks if the course additionally needs to be delivered as an App. Since we use rapid development techniques (reusable templates, filming rather than animation and photos rather than illustration) this keeps our prices down and our development rapid.

This does not mean that what you will receive is anything but market leading e-learning, more akin to a video documentary rather than a PowerPoint presentation.

If you have a hosted solution with us, then a branded e-Learning portal will be created for you as part of the delivery.

Contact us for a delivery timescale.

All e-Learning WMB courses are supplied with the Jackdaw CMS software which means you can edit any of the courses we supply free of charge. Text, videos and images can all be updated by even the most novice computer user.

Contact us for details about Jackdaw Software.

Final Word

If you belong to a business with over 100 trainees have you considered becoming a member? With free bespoke development, 25+ courses and all the e-learning software and support you will ever need this really is a one-stop shop solution.

Find out more about membership.

We look forward to starting your e-learning soon. Contact sales@e-learningwmb.co.uk to start the process today.

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