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What in in each option?

e-Start Free

As the name suggests is free to use, customise the standard induction template, add topics from the template library. As long as the total length of the induction remains at 15 topics or below then you can download the induction and run it anywhere you like throughout this period.

e-Start DIY

Should your ambitions grow, then this option will allow you to create an induction that can grow with your organisation, allowing you to add as many topics as you like using the system. Should you no longer need the DIY option after a year then you can download the course and take it with you - the licence only limits the use of the editor.

e-Start Bespoke

This is a completely customised induction. e-Learning WMB will construct a script from your induction materials and film a presenter with interactive screens based within and around your workplace. All clients also get to use Jackdaw Cloud to customise the e-learning for free for 3 years after delivery of the initial induction.