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e-start DIY - Do It Yourself Induction


Induction: Powered by Jackdaw Cloud: 3D Authoring

The DIY induction solution is underpinned by the Jackdaw Cloud system which allows you to customise and author your very own induction.

The resulting induction features 3D presenters within your own work environment, which introduce new employees to your organisation.

How does it work?

e-Start DIY is supplied with a standard induction course which can then be added to and customised using Jackdaw Cloud. Simply load in additional screens, change the backgrounds with images of your own work location and type over or add to the existing text.

The same system can also be used to change branding (colours, logos etc.).

Once you are happy with your e-learning you can publish it and run it from our servers, else you can download it and run it on your own Learning Management System.

  • Jackdw e-learning from e-Learning WMB
  • Online e-learning creation with Jackdaw CMS from e-Learning WMB
  • e-learning edited with WYSIWYG interface
  • SCORM e-learning with quizes produced by Jackdaw
  • Rapid Application Development RAD e-learning system Jackdaw from e-Learning WMB

Using Jackdaw reduces development time, saves you money and gives you the flexibility to alter the e-learning after delivery. You can even use the same system to create your own e-Learning from scratch! Contact e-Learning WMB for details on how to obtain the Jackdaw which will allow you to do this.

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How much does it cost ...?

e-Start DIY is priced at a one-off cost of £1,999, with unlimited distribution of the induction course produced. Support is also available at £599 per annum after the first year which includes on-going use of the Jackdaw Cloud App and technical support.