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Onboarding e-Learning? Choose e-Start!

About e-Start's Onboarding e-Learning Solution

e-Start is a branded e-learning onboarding product produced by the company e-learning WMB. The e-start system was first launched in 2003 to provide on-boarding e-learning that could be customised after delivery. 

The system has been undergoing continuous development since to include the following features:

  • Video (green screen) presenters
  • Fluid 3D e-learning design
  • Jackdaw Cloud - online onboarding 
  • DIY onboarding - make your own induction online
  • Mobile onboarding - create an onboarding app

The result is a far more flexible and engaging onboarding e-learning experience.  But why should you choose e-Start as your onboarding solution.

10 reasons to choose e-Start as your e-learning onboarding solution:

1. The onboarding learning experience is more effective: the e-learning engages users and keeps their attention.  In tests the e-learning has been met with 98% approval rates (independent study with 252 users).

2. The e-learning onboarding is fast to produce: once the onboarding script has been signed off, the e-learning takes from 2-4 weeks to be delivered.  The filming process is far quicker to deliver into the e-learning than the traditional illustration approach.

3. The e-learning costs less: since the onboarding takes only a few weeks to deliver a bespoke project is extremely low cost.  The cost can be reduced further by creating the onboarding process yourself (DIY induction.)

4. e-learning that can respond quicker to changes in technology: any changes in technology (mobiles, operating systems etc.) can be rapidly integrated into the onboarding course.  There is no need to wait for the next release of Articulate, Captivate etc.

5. Better support for your onboarding e-learning: call or email us - you will get straight through to the same technical team who developed the e-learning systems we use. We take pride in offering experienced support directly to you.

6. One-stop solution - all onboarding systems from development to delivery are supplied by the same e-learning supplier.  This leads to an integrated solution which can respond to meet your onboarding requirements exactly.

7. Mobile Learning is essential - try to squeeze traditional a traditional e-learning onboarding course onto a smartphone and it looks cramped and it difficult to read.  An e-start onboarding course works wonderfully on a small screen.  It is essential with the prevalence of mobile systems that your onboarding can take place on a mobile platform.

8. No limits to creativity - our e-learning production techniques are very close to TV production which makes it easy to work with top comedians and writers to produce something an onboarding e-learning experience that matches your ambitions.

9. Our systems are easy to use - the management team started life in ergonomics and as a result the "right way" has often been seen as the most ergonomic (or user-friendly) way. This is no more applicable to Learning Management System design which has been designed specifically for business users and not a handful of people in academic institutions.

10. Onboarding e-learning can be extended - there is a wealth of options available to you to extend your onboarding course. These options include rebranding and adding any of our 150+ off-the-shelf e-learning courses, to employing award winning writers, actors and directors to add sparkle and humour to your e-learning.  Check out the Completentary Services in the menu above for further details.

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e-Start is sold through it's parent company - e-Learning WMB. See the e-start information page for further details or contact e-learning WMB for further details.