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Price List


£5-99 per employee depending upon the number of trainees within your organization.

This price includes the development of at least three projects per year lasting up to an hour and more if the course is of general interest projects useful to all our members. It also includes all 25+ editable courses and unlimited use of Jackdaw editing software for creating e-learning and the Open Elms Professional edition of the Learning Management Software.

Contact us with your number of trainees for a quote.
Development Costs

Remember ...

e-learning development is free to members !!!

Outside membership, development costs are as below...

New e-learning Page £ GBP $ USD
Per menu item topic 500 750
Per course set-up 2,500 3,750
Per day on-location filming * 2,100 3,150

* Filming at the client's premises outside the studio

Work is not started on building the e-learning until a price has been agreed based on the e-learning script. This means that before any money is handed over, the client will know what the e-learning will look like and how much it will cost.

e-Learning Courses

Remember ...

All e-learning courses are free to members !!!

Outside membership, all courses are available to purchase at £30 per user with discounts for multiple users. An exception to this is the e-Office Safety course which is available at £10 per user.

All courses are supplied with Jackdaw CMS which allows the editing of courses after delivery.

Contact us with the number of users you have in mind to receive a quote today.
Jackdaw Cloud: Rapid e-Learning Authoring

Remember ...

Unlimited Jackdaw Standard licenses are supplied with membership!!!

Outside membership Jackdaw can be purchased either by a Pay as You Go or Annual Licensing Option. See the Jackdaw Cloud website for further details.

Help with a Quote...?

If you need any help regarding a quote for membership, a bespoke course or any of our software/systems then contact sales@e-learningwmb.co.uk to start the process today.